Senior Design Showcase

Senior Design Showcase

Each year, Capstone Senior Design students present at the Senior Design Showcase, displaying their prototypes, designs and solutions developed for their projects. During the event, projects are evaluated by a judging team comprised of engineering professionals in both industry and academia. Capstone projects are evaluated based on criteria aligned with the learning outcomes outlined by ABET.  Awards are given for the best projects in the following categories:

  • Community Impact
  • Computerized System or Software Design
  • Machine Design
  • Manufactured System or Process Design
  • Medical Device or Biological Process Design
  • Sustainable Design


The Senior Design Showcase for the 2018-2019 academic year was held on April 23, 2019 in the Grand Hall at the Tate Student Center. 

2018- 2019 Winning Projects

Community Impact

Project: NeSmith gas station remediation analysis

Sponsor: Archway Partnership-Pulaski County

Project Team: Jocelyn Carver, Conner Keisling, Sullivan Shelton

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephan Durham

Computerized System or Software Design

Project: HAZMAT tracking using blockchain IOT

Sponsor: Capgemini

Project Team: Kyle Arnett, Thomas Kruegler, Tyler Murray, Kolbe Nix, Sam Pennington

Faculty Mentor: Brian Boland

Machine Design

Project: Power train - UGA Motorsports (SAE)

Sponsor: UGA Motorsports

Project Team:  Edwin Chiuz, Connor Gilligan, Jacob McCannon, Joshua Pierson, Ross Oliver

Faculty Mentor: Dr. John Mativo

Manufactured System or Process Design

Project: Measurement and Visualization of fluid flow around the vertical tail and rudder of a business jet with variation in tail cones

Sponsor: Gulfstream Aerospace

Project Team: Bianca Bitere, Eliza Mariel Guteierrez, Rachel Hammond, Joshua Hanner, George Moll 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ben Davis

Medical Device or Biological Process Design

Project: Electrical monitoring of anesthetized animals

Sponsor: UGA Zoo Med service

Project Team: Sophie Jordan, James Kanceruk. Justin Saetia, Katherine Smith

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Peter Kner

Sustainable Design

Project: Hartwell wastewater discharge feasibility study

Sponsor: Archway Partnership- Hart County

Project Team: Michael Brewer, Catherine Cangemi, William Perry

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephan Durham

Faculty Choice

Project: VR + Haptic + Eye-tracking feedback

Sponsor: Gulfstream Aerospace

Project Team: Ben Burgh, Anton Franzluebbers, Paul Kinderman

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kyle Johnsen