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Graduate Student FAQ

What is your policy on teaching and research assistantships?

Research assistantships are funded by grants and contracts secured by faculty members. Limited teaching assistantships, funded by state and federally appropriated monies, require students demonstrate the ability to speak and understand the English language, and have expertise in the material being taught. Assistantships generally require 20 hours per week of service to the department. Teaching and research will generally have some relationship to the student’s research area. Departmental assistantships are awarded on an annual basis, but may be renewed with demonstrated progress towards degree objectives and availability of funds.

When are decisions made in regard to admission and assistantship funding? 

We generally make acceptance/rejection decisions by April 15 for international students. U.S. domestic students may be admitted generally within 2 months of the projected semester beginning date. Admission does not imply assistantship funding. Because assistantship funding heavily depends on grants and contracts, a student with admission may be offered an assistantship at any time funding becomes available.

What happens to all the forms required for consideration?

The on-line application to graduate school first goes to the graduate school. This includes all transcripts and references. It is important that the first document be the graduate school application.

The graduate school will then send the forms to the College of Engineering. You may send your statement of purpose and your vitae via email to

The on-line application for assistantship will automatically be sent to the above email address.

How may I find out the status of my application?
When you submit your on-line application to the graduate school, you will receive a confirmation. This confirmation contains instructions on how to track the status of your application. For example, you can see if transcripts have been received or if references have responded. Please check your status prior to contacting us.