Capstone Senior Design: Sponsors

Capstone Senior Design: Sponsors

When you sponsor a Capstone Senior Design project, you collaborate with UGA Engineering, connection with future innovators and help develop solutions to current challenges.

Requested from Capstone Senior Design Sponsors

Please provide a project overview that describes the background, objective, and design requirements to be addressed.  Click here to complete the Capstone Senior Design project entry form.

Responsibilities of Capstone Sponsor will include meeting regularly (about an hour for every two weeks) with the design team, providing materials for prototype fabrication, end of semester review and feedback, and attending the Senior Design Showcase in April.

Deliverables will include a student final design report and possibly a prototype at the completion of the project.


Donations to the UGA Foundation can be made through the UGA College of Education's Corporate Partnership Program or through a separate donation. Funds will be used for costs associated with the Senior Design Showcase, awards, and infrastructure support.