Student Organizations


Engineers Week 2019

The University of Georgia College of Engineering will celebrate National Engineers Week, Feb. 18 - 25, with a series of special events, seminars and competitions. The theme of the nationwide celebration is "Your Knowledge. Their Future." You can find details on Engineers Week activities here.


Engineers Week | Daily Engineers Competition | Paper Plate Frisbee

Each team will be required to construct a Frisbee out of the materials provided.  Teams will have a designated amount of time to construct, test, and modify their Frisbee prior to the competition.  Once the competition begins, each team will be given 3 throws.  The farthest throw for each team will be recorded and ranked against other teams participating in the competition.  Points will be awarded based on each team’s ranking.


Engineers Week | Daily Engineers Competition | Balloon-Powered Car Challenge

Design and build a car powered by nothing but air.  The balloon-powered car will be pushed forward by air escaping from a balloon.  Using a variety of materials available to participants, teams will construct a balloon-powered car and compete against other teams for the car that travels the farthest.