PhD Biological and Agricultural Engineering

PhD Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Program of Study

Minimum requirement – 72 credit hours (minimum of 32 credit hours course work; minimum of 40 credit hours research and dissertation)

Required Courses (10 credit hours)

  • ENGR 6910: Foundations for Engineering Research (3 credit hours)
  • BIOE 8970: Bioengineering Seminar (4 semesters, 4 credit hours)*
  • ENGR 8103: Computational Engineering (3 credit hours)

Electives (22 credit hours)

Minimum of 22 additional credit hours of course work selected with the approval of the student’s Graduate Advisory Committee.  At least 10 hours must be 8000-level or above.

Research and Dissertation (40 credit hours)

  • A minimum of 37 hours of doctoral research (9000) or project-based research (9010). Typically, students complete more than 37 credit hours with the approval of the Graduate Advisory Committee.
  • 3 hours of Ph.D. Dissertation (9300) is required on the Plan of Study.

* Only 3 hours of Graduate Seminar may apply on the Program of Study. Individual Programs or Schools may require students to enroll for additional semesters. Students are strongly encouraged to continue regular attendance of speaker series presentations even if not formally registered in the seminar.