IRIS Research Foci and Areas of Expertise

IRIS Research Foci and Areas of Expertise

The transition to robust, flexible, and adaptive infrastructure systems that meet current needs and address future challenges, including flooding, rising sea levels, heat waves, and rapid social change, requires us to transcend disciplinary boundaries. Faculty members initiating the Institute for Resilient Infrastructure Systems represent nine University of Georgia academic units and bring a tremendous depth and breadth of expertise.

During the development of IRIS, UGA researchers identified several research foci that synergize existing expertise, including:

  • Resilience and Adaptation to Extreme Weather and Climate Events
  • Blue-Green-Gray Infrastructure Systems
  • Resilient Transportation Systems
  • Coupled Human and Natural Systems Analysis and Modeling
  • Resilience Planning and Policy
  • Infrastructure for Health and Well-being

Photo credit: Mark Wolfe, FEMA