22 UGA College of Engineering students win Georgia Engineering Foundation Scholarships

Walkway on campusThe Georgia Engineering Foundation (GEF) presented scholarships to 22 students in the University of Georgia College of Engineering during the organization’s annual scholarship celebration Feb. 24.

The GEF scholarship program supports college students in Georgia who are preparing for a career in engineering or engineering technology. The competitive scholarships are awarded based on students’ demonstrated competence in academics, interest in developing a career in engineering, financial need, and school and community involvement.

UGA College of Engineering students awarded scholarships include: James Argo, Runjing Qiu, Alexa Hansen, Davis Farmer,  Jack Froistad, Alyssa Williams, Courtney Long, John May, Xander Lilly, Caroline Knox, Perry Hamlin, Benjamin Gily, Anthony Petti Jr., Alexander Tuttle, Brianne Dier, Jace Johnson, John Livingston, Joselin Ortuno, Yaniv Bash, John Montoya, Shelby Mendez, and Lacy Noerenberg.

GEF scholarship awards typically range from $1,000 to $5,000. The program attracted more than 1,000 applications this year.

This year’s scholarship celebration was held remotely.

By Mike Wooten

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