5 ECE-Based Short Fiction Stories Written by ECSE 1100 Students, Spring 2023

During the spring of 2023, ECSE 1100 students were given the opportunity to optionally submit a Short Fiction Story as an Extra-Credit assignment. The requirement was that it should involve Electrical or Computer Systems Engineering concepts of technology, exploring themes such as innovation, problem-solving, academic challenges, ethics, professional life, or the impact of technology on human life and society. Ten students took advantage of the opportunity, and some of them have agreed to share their products, which have been compiled in this volume. I found these stories to be sometimes funny and entertaining, at times thoughtprovoking, and always compelling. Furthermore, they oăer a glimpse of how these first-year Electrical and Computer Systems engineering students relate to their chosen major. Enjoy.

- Dr. Renny E. Badra

Click to download and read the stories submitted by Dr. Badra's spring 2023 ECSE 1100 students: http://engineering.uga.edu/uploads/resources/ECSE1100-spring23-5stories.pdf

Authors and Short-Stories include:
Abhi Boggavarapu: Robot Doctor
Sakshi Gandikota: The Final Straw
Ian Garrison: Wires of Horus
Nevan Mukherjee: Ones and Zeros
Dylan Nojadera: Untitled