The Leadership Team of the UGA College of Engineering has published its five-year plan to support UGA’s integrated approach to Inclusive Excellence efforts in the College.

The plan focuses on the measures that we should take over the next few years to build a sustainable culture in diversity and inclusion that will positively impact our institution and the communities that we serve.

The IEP fully aligns with the UGA vision, mission and strategic direction, working on the same shared priorities and goals. Through the alignment, there will be more opportunities to leverage the synergies across the departments and schools, as well as enable the administrative functions to liaise with stakeholders and peers to learn, adopt and adept best practice within UGA.

The plan includes eleven goals, along with corresponding key performance indicators and institutional actions in accordance with the agreed priorities. The overview below lists a sub-selection of the key initiatives, activities and deliverables in the college.

Priorities and Goals

Priority #1: Building an Inclusive Living / Learning Environment that Supports Access and Success for Diverse Students

  • Goal 1.1: Increase enrollment of underrepresented students at undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Goal 1.2: Increase need-based student scholarships for undergraduate and graduate education
  • Goal 1.3: Expand resources to promote inclusive learning environments
  • Goal 1.4: Expand mentorship for underrepresented students

Priority #2: Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce to Advance Our Mission in the 21st Century

  • Goal 2.1: Increase the number of underrepresented faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, graduate assistants, and student workers
  • Goal 2.2: Expand community building programs and activities for faculty, staff, graduate assistants, and postdoctoral fellows, with a particular focus on underrepresented populations
  • Goal 2.3: Expand support and recognition for faculty and staff diversity and inclusion efforts

Priority #3: Expanding Partnerships and Outreach to Strengthen Diverse Communities

  • Goal 3.1: Increase institutional visibility in the educational pipeline of underserved communities
  • Goal 3.2: Build awareness of partnerships and outreach with diverse communities
  • ​Goal 3.3: Expand experiential learning opportunities for students in rural Georgia and other underserved areas
  • Goal 3.4: Improve and expand communications with community partners regarding the university’s diversity and inclusive excellence commitment

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