How old is the College of Engineering at UGA?

While the College of Engineering is UGA’s newest college on campus, the discipline of engineering at UGA is quite old. To be exact the first graduating engineering class graduated in 1868.

My UGA acceptance letter says “Welcome to University of Georgia and the College of Engineering.” Is there still another application process?

Congratulations on your acceptance to UGA! You were accepted as an intended engineering student in the Engineering College. You will need to apply to an enineering major upon meeting application eligibility requirements in order to begin your major courses.

What are those application eligibility requirements for the High Demand Process?

Applicants to the high-demand majors will be selected based on their grades in general education and major-specific courses along with information submitted in the application and statement of purpose detailing their interest in the major along with relevant experiences and future career goals. Students may indicate their first and second choices for their engineering major, although listing an alternate besides their primary selection is not required.

Selection of applicants is based on a review of student scores and achievements in the following three areas:

  • General Education Coursework (30%)
  • Major Specific Coursework (40%)
  • Personal Statement of Purpose (30%)
How will my courses transfer in to UGA?

Please utilize the Transfer Equivalency function located on the UGA Admissions website. Simply search for you institution to see how courses may transfer to UGA. The Transfer Equivalency Search lists courses from other institutions and UGA equivalents that have been researched for previously admitted and current UGA students. These listings are not comprehensive and may be subject to change without notice.

Upon acceptance to the University, a transfer student is welcome to contact the Academic Office to determine if you have already completed the required courses. If you have or will have the courses completed in the term prior to transfer to UGA, a transfer student may submit a HDM major application.  Arrangements for completion of the Personal Statement of Purpose need to be made with the Academic Office in sufficient time to meet the close deadline for completing the PSOP at the UGA Testing Center.

What courses are recommended to take in High School?

Exposure to high-level math classes (preferably calculus), physics, chemistry, computer science, and engineering courses *if available*

Does the Engineering College offer any minors in Engineering?

At the moment, we currently do not offer engineering minors. Within the next few years, we will slowly roll out a few engineering minors

A common minor our engineering students get is Computer Science. While other students also get certificates. Some of these certificates are in informatics, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and electrical mobility.

Will my choice of major have an impact on my admissions decision?

Your choice of major does not have an impact on a decision.

What is the average starting salary for an Engineer who graduates from UGA?

The median starting salary is $65,000.

Does UGA offer Aerospace Engineering or Biomedical Engineering?

While UGA does not have a major in Aerospace or Biomedical Engineering, students can pursue any one of our majors and get the necessary tools and knowledge to be able to land an internship or co-op with companies in those industries.

What programming language does the computer science program use, Java or Python?

Our program mainly uses JAVA. If students want to learn how to program using Python, they can take our Introduction to Programming with Python

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