Why UGA Engineering?

Why UGA Engineering?

Good question. We're glad you asked!

As you probably know, the UGA College of Engineering is relatively new. We're taking a fresh look at how engineering education and research works. For example, our College doesn't have traditional academic departments. That means undergraduate students experience a truly interdisciplinary education. You'll attend classes and work on projects with students interested in diverse areas of engineering.

Your undergraduate research will cross traditional academic boundaries - for example, you may work on a project that involves public health, veterinary medicine or agriculture. Our place in a top-20, land-grant, comprehensive liberal arts research university means you'll gain a broad perspective about the world around you. You'll see the big picture. You'll get a sense of how everything fits together. After all, isn't that what engineers do? 

Despite our incredible growth, we've maintained our close-knit environment. It's like being part of a small village of creators and entrepreneurs within the big city of UGA. That means you'll get to know your classmates and professors. You'll built real relationships that will pay off as you begin your career. 

Then, there's Athens. Why would you want to go to college anywhere else? Consistently rated as one of the best college towns in America, Athens is home to a world-renowned music scene, distinctive local restaurants and shops, a thriving arts community, a bustling Victorian-era downtown, and plenty of outdoor recreations options.