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2021 Capstone Design Showcase: Computerized System or Software Design

2021 Capstone Design Showcase: Computerized System or Software Design

The award for Computerized System or Software Design is presented to the design team that best develops and/or integrates software into the operation, management, or control of a system or device.

Thank you to our 2021 Computerized System or Software Design judges:

  • Sam Pennington, AT&T
  • Adel Al Weshah, University of Georgia
  • Maanasa Ghantasala, AT&T
  • Mable Fok, University of Georgia
  • Namit Sanghi, AT&T
  • Zhong-Ru, Xie, University of Georgia

 Team CS-1

Laboratory Rotation Scheduling Software

Team CS-2

AI Model for Predicting White Mold in Peanut

Team CS-3

Bio-Inspired Vision Intelligence Product Design for STEM Education

Team CS-4

Augmented Reality Vehicle Accessorization

Team CS-5

Portable Device for Health Monitoring of Engineering Systems

Team CS-6

Electrical Usage Monitoring System

Team CS-7

Automated Weed Control with Lasers

Team CS-8

Virtual Lab for Teaching Cell and Tissue Engineering Concepts

Team CS-9

Development and Implementation of a User Interface for an Inverter

Team CS-10

Electro-chromic Window Film

Team CS-11

Proterra Modeling and Simulating Driver Behavior Team

Team CS-12

Data Analytics 2.0

Team CS-13

Launch Prevention Device and Payload Protection Device

Team CS-14

Pandemic Pre-Screening AI Chatbot