College of Engineering welcomes 14 new faculty members

All 14 new facultyDEAN LEO | This fall, we welcomed 14 new faculty members to the University of Georgia College of Engineering for the 2022-2023 academic year. It’s my pleasure to have each of these esteemed and accomplished scholars join the ranks of Bulldog Engineers. Each new faculty member brings tremendous skill, leadership, and acumen to the College, as well as unique research and career pursuits. I am honored to represent a College of such outstanding faculty and talented instructors, and am particularly thankful for our continued history of recruiting and retaining such distinguished members. Please join me in welcoming our new faculty.

School of Environmental, Civil, Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering

  • Linbing Wang, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE, F.EMIProfessor & Director, The Sensing and Perception Lab | Research focus: Smart, sustainable, and resilient infrastructures; Material genome for multifunctional materials; Sensing and perception for safety and security; Digital twin and mix reality; Pavement testing and design; Data analytics and asset management
  • Christina H. Fuller, Sc.D.Associate Professor | Research focus: Environmental health and justice; Air pollution; Community-engaged research; Green infrastructureal
  • Alysha Helmrich, Ph.D.Assistant Professor | Research focus: Urban resilience and navigating periods of stability and instability
  • Félix Santiago-Collazo, Ph.D., P.E.Assitant Professor | Research focus: Multi-flood hazard assessments; Hybrid infrastructure solutions and smart water systems; Water equity and flood resilience; Outreach and education
  • Wayne Johnson, Ph.D.Senior Lecturer
  • Edwin Lim, Ph.D.Lecturer | Research focus: Earthquake engineering; Reduced order computational modeling; Engineering education
  • Gokul Dev Vasudevan, Ph.D.Lecturer | Research focus: Infrastructure materials; Low carbon concrete

School of Electircal and Computer Engineering

  • Haijian Sun, Ph.D.Assistant Professor | Research focus: Wireless communication for 5G and beyond; Efficient edge computing; Wireless security; Wireless for distributed learning; Cyber physical systems
  • Guoyu Lu, Ph.D.Assistant Professor

School of Chemical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering

  • He Li, Ph.D.Assistant Professor | Research focus: Employing AI techniques to develop advanced multiscale models and building predictive AI models that can assimilate data from different sources to improve digital health technologies
  • Alison Banka, Ph.D.Lecturer

New Limited-Term and Adjunct Instructors

  • Jorge Rodriguez, Ph.D.Limited-Term Instructor | Industry Capstone Projects Coordinator
  • Cheng Chen, Ph.D.Limited-Term Instructor | Research focus: Design automation, smart manufacturing, requirement management, spray optimization, engineering education
  • Kevin WuAdjunct Instructor | Engineering Catalyst with Innovation Gateway

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