Engineering and pharmacy add second Double Dawgs pathway

Pouring liquid between beakersProgram combines Biological Engineering BSBE with a M.S. of Pharmacy  

Athens, Ga. – Students interested in a career in drug development and the regulatory aspects of the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries, can now register for one of the University of Georgia’s newest Double Dawgs programs, which combines a Biological Engineering undergraduate degree with a Master’s of Science in Pharmacy degree. This program will allow students to complete the new Double Dawgs degree in five years.

“The College of Pharmacy is constantly advancing the educational opportunities we offer to better meet the needs of students and the profession as a whole,” said Kelly Smith, dean of the College of Pharmacy. “This specific Double Dawgs program merges pharmacy and engineering to provide an even more advanced understanding and education of drug development and the regulation industry. The benefits of this program are many and will impact the future of the field.”

The new pharmacy-engineering Double Dawgs program appeals to students such as Sarah Stanley, who hopes to join or start a drug development research team after graduation.

“I want to approach the pharmaceutical world from a different point of view,” said Stanley, a second-year student from Acworth. “I plan to enter the field of drug development with the ability to expedite the process by means of engineering. I believe that using an engineering methodology approach in the pharmaceutical field will yield higher-quality drugs in a shorter amount of time.”

Stanley will apply to the College of Engineering this summer, with plans to receive her BSBE degree in spring, 2024. She will complete her Master’s in Pharmacy in spring, 2025.

“Our school is delighted to further continue our collaboration with the College of Pharmacy for this Biological Engineering/Pharmacy Double Dawgs program,” said James Warnock, chair of the College of Engineering’s School of Chemical, Materials, and Biomedical Engineering. “There has been high demand for such a pathway from our students and this program provides them with a comprehensive education in the technical, ethical, and regulatory aspects of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.”

Interested students should apply to the new Double Dawgs program by June 1 of their third year to begin their involvement in the program the fall semester of their fourth year.

To apply for the program, students must have completed 30 credit hours (ENGR/BCHE/BIOE, BCMB 3100, CHEM 2211, BIOE 3720) with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Applicants

also must submit three letters of recommendation and an essay describing their interest in the program and their career goals.

After completing the B.S. in Biological Engineering in their fourth year and maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0., students in the program will then apply to the graduate school before June 1. The student must have a faculty advisor for their M.S. project at the time of application. No thesis is required in this program.

“This unique Double Dawgs degree expands on the advanced educational experiences between Engineering and Pharmacy,” said Jason Zastre, an associate professor in pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences and the graduate coordinator for the College of Pharmacy. “The curriculum combines the principles of biomaterials and devices for biological systems with drug development, manufacturing, and the regulations that govern the production of medical products.”

Ranked 24th among college of pharmacy in the U.S., UGA’s College of Pharmacy offers four of the more than 100 Double Dawgs programs at UGA. These include the new Biological Engineering BSBE with a M.S. of Pharmacy (non-thesis), a Pharmaceutical Sciences BS/PharmD program, a Bachelor of Science in Biochemical Engineering/Master’s of Science in Pharmacy, and a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences/Master’s of Science in Pharmacy.

For more information, visit the DoubleDawgs website or contact Jason Zastre.

By Anna Jense and Mickey Yongue

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