BS Agricultural Engineering – Agricultural Systems Automation Engineering Emphasis

ag systems - strawberry pickerThis area of emphasis involves the application of physical and engineering sciences in the design and operation of automated systems for production and processing for feeds, foods, and fibers. Students are equipped to function in teams of engineers and scientists to specify and design automated production and handling systems to meet client demands. Graduates fill jobs that are responsible for a wide range of production automation processes serving production and processing operations.

The educational goal of this emphasis area is to become proficient in the design of sensor systems enabling automation of production and handling operations required for safe handling of biological and other materials.


Career Opportunities

As engineers, graduates with this specialization are pursuing careers in sensing system applications and robotic systems for automation of various production and processing operations. Typical work done by graduates include:

  • serve on teams of electrical and mechanical engineers to handle agricultural materials
  • design and management of data collection systems for crop production systems
  • applying and adapting available robotic systems for harvest operations
  • applying and adapting available robotic and other automated systems for postharvest operations
  • troubleshooting problems with automated systems

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