BS Agricultural Engineering – Biologistics Engineering Emphasis

biologistics imageThis area of emphasis involves the application of logistical sciences developed by industrial engineers to the transport and safe handling of biological products, including feed, food, and fiber along with other inorganic products. The biologistics engineer may handle the transport arrangements from the farm gate to the consumer. Students are equipped to function in teams arranging the transport of materials to meet consumer demands. Graduates fill jobs that are responsible for a wide range of transportation alternatives for products as they move through the distribution network.

The educational goal of this emphasis area is to do a deep dive into industrial logistics with due consideration of transport environments required by biological materials.


Career Opportunities

As engineers, graduates with this specialization are pursuing careers in logistics related to biological materials or other industrial materials. Typical work done by graduates include:

  • transportation planner for feed, food, and fiber products
  • quantifying motion and time studies for a wide range of industrial processes
  • troubleshooting problems related to transport within a manufacturing operation
  • post harvest process engineering
  • logistics engineering for any industry

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