BS Agricultural Engineering – Mechanical Systems Engineering Emphasis

Mechanical engineering photoThis area of emphasis provides the opportunity to study the design of mechanical and hydraulic systems. Course work prepares the graduate to analyze the dynamics of machinery motion, stress and deformation in parts, the effect of fatigue on parts, the design and/or selection of machinery parts such as bolted and welded connections, bearings, chain, gear, and V-belt drives and shafts. Students may also elect to combine this field with the electrical / electronic systems area of emphasis.

The educational goal of this area of emphasis is to prepare graduates to design mechanical parts, machines, machinery systems, and machine hydraulic systems.


Faculty and Student Activities

Alternative Fuels and Solvents

This group focuses primarily on the development of alternative fuel and solvent replacements that are more environmentally friendly than their traditional counterparts.

Handling of Biological Tissues

A systems approach was developed for reducing post-harvest losses and for improving the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables available to consumers.

Machine Vision

This program is focused on the development of optical sensing systems based on visible/near-infrared spectroscopy and spectral imaging for stress and disease detection in peanut and cotton, and for evaluation of quality and composition of foods and composting agricultural products.

Career Opportunities

Graduates with this specialization are qualified to:

  • Design mechanisms used in manufacturing of products,
  • Develop detailed layouts and assembly of machine components,
  • Determine and evaluate the flow of fluids, heat and energy,
  • Design and develop engines,
  • Design mechanisms used in power generation,
  • Develop, install and maintain climate control systems,
  • Test and evaluate products for quality control.

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