BS Agricultural Engineering – Structural Engineering Emphasis

Structural engineer in hard hatThis area of emphasis involves designing a structure and conditioning the environment within it. The types of structures are residential, light-framed industrial buildings, larger industrial buildings and greenhouses. While this research program focuses primarily on the integrity of structures, students also use state-of-the-art software to evaluate the form, function and appearance of a new structural design.

The goal of this area of emphasis is to prepare engineers to design properly buildings and create a safe and productive environment within them.


Faculty and Student Activities

Environmental Physiology

Control of the environment around study animals is conducted here, as well as research with food animals.

Nanoscale Structures

This program seeks to integrate biotechnology and nanotechnology for advancing fundamental knowledge in the development of new products such as a biosensor. Researchers in the Nano-fabrication Center are developing new structures for growing cells with the long term objective of developing biomedical devices such as glucose sensors.

Design of Light Steel Structure

This program focuses on the stress analysis of structures that carry loads from granular materials and models the effects of loading and unloading of that material.

Design of Sustainable Buildings and Processes

A sustainable building or process can be defined as one that provides for the needs of the present without detracting from the ability to fulfill the needs of the future.

Career Opportunities

As engineers, graduates with this specialization are qualified to:

  • Design heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for many different buildings,
  • Analyze and design an array of different framing and engineered beams for construction of residential and commercial buildings,
  • Oversee the construction of buildings to ensure safety and quality,
  • Design foundations and retaining walls,
  • Model loading behavior of wooden, steel and composite structures,
  • Monitor and correct building air flow and quality.

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