Certificate in Informatics

Undergraduate Certificate in Informatics

Regardless of field, many of today’s – and especially tomorrow’s – jobs demand diverse knowledge and technical skills to weave together a variety of vast and high velocity business and domain datasets with complex decision and information systems. To meet this demand, the University of Georgia is offering the Undergraduate Certificate in Informatics through the newly formed Georgia Informatics Institutes for Research and Education (GII).

Any undergraduate student at UGA may enroll in the certificate, which offers great flexibility to students who are passionate about their chosen field, and want to increase their digital literacy, data management, technical communication, and information processing skills to complement their domain knowledge. Students will take foundational courses, such as Informatics 1 (INFO 2000), that cover the nature of data and information across many domains, as well as courses that target the specific data and computational tools of their chosen field.  By earning the certificate, students will differentiate themselves to employers and gain perspective on an increasingly digital society that is driven by the supply and demand for data

For additional information, visit the GII website or contact the director of the GII, Dr. Kyle Johnsen, at kjohnsen@uga.edu.

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