Double Dawgs Biochemical Engineering BSBchE / Pharmacy MS (non-thesis)

The B.S. Program in Biochemical Engineering provides excellent general education and training in the theory and types of processes employed within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. However, it does not cover the development of drug and biological products. An understanding of the drug development process would uniquely prepare these students to more effectively anticipate, understand, and appreciate products moving from discovery into manufacturing. In addition, a strong understanding of the regulations that govern the manufacturing of medical products is critical to the success of engineers in this field. This typically has to happen post-graduation through training by the companies that employ these engineers. The lack of regulatory training is a significant barrier for students trying to establish careers in this field.

This B.S/M.S. is a unique program that matches a need for industry. There are a handful of pharmaceutical engineering programs in the nation but there are no programs focused on biopharmaceuticals, which is the future of the industry. The design of this program addresses several items frequently cited as valuable by industry, 1) increasing the understanding of drug development among process engineers, 2) increasing knowledge of the regulatory sciences and 3) greater practical experience. Additionally, this program positions students to be leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


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