German + Engineering Dual Degree

German dual degree photoIn today’s increasingly globalized society, a well-rounded engineering graduate who speaks fluent German and possesses deep intercultural competence and international work experience will truly stand out in the job market. At the University of Georgia, you have the unique opportunity to distinguish yourself by earning a degree that is far more than the sum of its parts. Go beyond the beaten path with a dual degree in German and engineering.


Five-year course of study resulting in TWO bachelor’s degrees:

  • AB in German
  • BS in your chosen engineering field

Fourth year spent abroad:

Scholarships Available

  • Competitive scholarships are available to fund a year abroad thanks to a grant supported by the Halle Foundation
  • Individual students may be funded in the amount of up to $10,000 per student
  • Funding covers airfare, intensive language instruction in Germany, and the semester of study at KIT
  • More about The Halle Foundation’s support of this program.

Enrollment Information

To enroll in the Dual Degree in Engineering and German (DDEG) program, complete the registration form and declare both majors (German & Engineering) on Athena


Students interested in learning more about Engineering at UGA should contact Dr. David Stooksbury

To learn more about the German program at UGA, contact Heide Crawford or visit

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