PhD Biological & Agricultural Engineering


To develop, adapt, and disseminate knowledge and technologies for engineering and managing biological and agricultural systems.

The Ph.D. in Biol. and Agric. Engr. degree stresses skills in problem definition, while also providing skills in analyses and presentation of original research results in biological and agricultural problem domains. The student, major professor and committee develop plans of study. Excellent math and statistical foundations are expected, as are strong courses in the area of the dissertation research. Typically, twenty-four hours (and six hours of dissertation research) are required in addition to the Masters coursework. The plan must contain at least 16 hours of 8000 level courses. Contact the graduate coordinator for additional details.


Exceptional and highly motivated students with a B.S. degree who have not completed an M.S. degree may apply for direct admission to a Ph.D. program provided they have demonstrated research experience. The student’s desire and suitability to enter a Ph.D. program should be clearly articulated in their statement of purpose and in accompanying letters of recommendation.


Graduate Coordinator

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