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The University of Georgia College of Engineering marks its ten-year anniversary! Established July 1, 2012, the college has grown from approximately 400 students to more than 2,600. More than 140 faculty and staff members are performing next-generation research and partnering with communities across Georgia and beyond to tackle society's most pressing challenges. And we're just getting started! The college will host a celebration the week of Sept. 19 to mark this important milestone.

Yanjun Yang, doctoral student in the College of Engineering, is the lead author of the research article Silver nanotriangle array based LSPR sensor for rapid coronavirus detection. Featured this week in The Red & Black, Yang and her colleagues found using LSPR wavelengths can be a more rapid and economical method for detecting COVID-19 virus in saliva samples with a high degree of acuracy.  

Olivia Kim is a Young Dawg from Alpharetta High School working in Dr. Mable Fok’s WAVE lab for the 2022 summer sessions.  Olivia presented at the Young Dawg Presentation on July 1 and was selected as one of three presentation winners. Congratulations Olivia! Click here to read more about Olivia Kim's Young Dawg project to create a soft bodied robot to pick up objects of unknown shapes for biomedical applications.

Yunxiang Yang, doctoral student with Dr. WenZhang Song, demonstrates how the BedDot smart sensing device can remotely monitor vital signs such as respiration rate, heart rate, and blood pressure. They are currently improving its accuracy for use on beds, chairs and any other surface where it can be attached using a magnet. Read more at https://news.uga.edu/researchers-develop-sleep-health-monitor/  and watch a video demonstration on our Instagram.