Spotlights in Electrical & Computer Engineering

This week we are spotlighting Dr. Mark Haidekker, Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Nate Guenard student in Computer Systems Engineering, and CENGR Student Ambassador.

"At the University of Georgia, what it takes to be a successful engineering student is a passion for problem solving, willingness to be challenged, an ability to collaborate with others, and a good attitude. Engineering can be difficult, but when you enjoy what you are doing, surround yourself with great people, and remain determined, nothing can stop you from succeeding..."

    -Nate Guenard, CSE Student and Engineering Student Ambassador

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"Engineering embodies very strongly the power of the human mind to shape the environment to benefit society and make the world a better place." -Professor Mark Haidekker

Dr. Mark Haidekker has been a professor in engineering at UGA since 2007. "The fascination of biomedical imaging with its many aspects never left me. Biomedical imaging, especially tomographic imaging, allows me to combine my two favorite areas of interest, instrumentation and imaging, up to the point that I built my own CAT scanner and am now in the process of building a low-field MRI scanner." Read more about Dr. Haidekker, his work in bioimaging, and what he believes makes students stronger in their engineering background.