Spotlights in Electrical & Computer Engineering

We are spotlighting Dr. Chris Herring, Lecturer in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and recipient of the 2023 Creative Teaching Award; Diana Beckett, outstanding Academic Advisor for ECE; and Tommy Anton, recent ECE graduate who attended RoboSoft 2023 in Singapore! Also check out the 2023 HaT Winners for ECSE 2920, and for some fun sci-fi summer reads: five, first-year engineering students shared their ECE-Based Short Stories from Dr. Badra's from CSEE 1100 class. More below.

Dr. Chris Herring was awarded the 2023 Creative Teaching Award. In his course, "Computer Architecture," students take part in "mini-internships." Dr. Herring acts as the project manager and students collaborate with eachother in design teams to find solutions by applying knowledge they would use in industry. The class is designed to give students a better understanding of concepts while at the same time trying on what their future career may feel like. Read more >>> about Dr. Herring.

Diana Beckett is one of our outstanding Academic Advisors in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and co-authored the UGA Academic Advisor Toolkit that is used by many on campus to learn how to best advise UGA students. Diana is a huge sports fan, especially UGA baseball and football games.

"In my time here I’ve observed that ECE students are highly motivated, and I’ve been very impressed with their abilities to do all of the many hard things in this curriculum!"

Read more >>> to learn more about our esteemed Academic Advisor, Diana Becket.



This spring, Tommy Anton, a recent graduate of the Fok WAVE Lab, had the unique opportunity to attend a research conference in Singapore. Tommy will be continuing his studies as a graduate student in Dr. Fok’s lab to pursue his master’s degree. Read about Tommy's experience here >>>



Dr. Herring and Dr. Trudgen Award the H.a.T. Gold and H.a.T. Silver Winners for 2023

In a semester-long design course, ECSE 2920 (Design Methodology for Electrical and Computer Science), groups of ECE students were tasked with building an Electronics Tool Bench.  The final Tool Bench interacted with a user through a programmed user interface.  The finished Tool Bench had all the “bells and whistles” of common electronic equipment, in that it could: generate a square wave, measure resistance values, measure voltages, and provide a voltage reference.  All teams in the class completed these milestones along with creating a user manual and technical document.  A subset of the teams also created a sinewave generator and frequency measurement tool for both an internal and external measurement.  Designs were evaluated and tested throughout the semester.  Congratulations to team Team 2 (Chitwood, Dawson; Iversen, Austin; Lewis, Cory; Sandoval, Jorge; Tharpe, George) for the Gold H.a.T. award!  Congratulations to Team 1 (Branch, Decarlos; Dieffenderfer, Jeffrey; Fruit, Connlaoi; Hosfeld, Liam; Pichardo Colin, Edgar) for the runner up award Silver H.a.T. award!  Stay tuned for next year’s design! 

During the spring of 2023, ECSE 1100 students were given the opportunity to optionally submit a Short Fiction Story as an Extra-Credit assignment. Read more here >>>

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