ECE Student Spring Expo 2023

Graphic detailing that the Student Spring Expo was held April 6 from 4-6pm in Driftmier
Students stand in front of poster at Expo eventOn April 6, 2023 the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering is hosted our first Student Spring Expo in 1240 Driftmier Engineering. Undergraduate and graduate students in ECE presented their research as a poster and/or an interactive demonstration. Student clubs and organizations shared information on their table displays. We had more than 105 participants, both as presenters and as guests at the Expo. A “People’s Choice” contest was held for the research presentations, and two top winners were selected (a TIE!) between the Virtual Experiences Laboratory and the Photonics and Soft Robotics Laboratory. Congratulations to Andrew Rukangu and Anton Franzluebbers from the “Virtual Experiences Laboratory” and to Steven Binder, Berek Ha, Irin Bristy, Asad Jabin, Ben Gily, Cole Sterck, and Tommy Anton from the “Photonics and Soft-Robotics Lab.” Both research presentations received a total of 2225 RoboBucks, and will be awarded lunch from ECE School Chair, Dr. Fred Beyette Jr.

A view of the room full of students and posters

“I thought seeing everyone’s projects was very fascinating but I really enjoyed the little competition that was proposed. I thought it was a fantastic idea to have this since it added an extra form of excitement.” – Student presenter at the ECE Student Spring Expo

Students interact with Expo display A pair of faculty, one wearing VR goggles

“Seeing all the research in one place was awesome! It was also really great to be able to show my professors what my research outside of class is. I hope they enjoyed!” – Student presenter at the ECE Expo

Students with their poster A child and faculty member interact with a display

“I enjoy the research ideas from each poster in the Expo. I am a research fan, and I learned a lot from the research ideas from different labs. Some of them inspired me on my own research.” – Student presenter at the ECE Expo

Runners-up from this year’s Expo included:

  • Peter Kner Research Group (2150 RoboBucks)
  • The Heterogeneous Robotics Research Lab (2075 RoboBucks)
  • Olanrewaju Paul Olaogun, Zin Lin, and Jacob Martin Foster on “Determination of Students’ Misconceptions Using the Electric Circuit Concept Diagnostic (ECCD) Instrument” (1925 RoboBucks)
  • The UGA Small Satellite Research Laboratory (1475 RoboBucks)
  • The Beyette Research Group (1275 RoboBucks)
  • Amin Davarzani and Shanmathi Ramasubramanian on “Testing the therapeutic potency of Glioblastoma targeting T-cells in a tumor-on-chip platform” (1200 RoboBucks)

Click here to see a photo album of the ECE Student Spring Expo 2023.

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