ECE Faculty Spotlights

"I really like to solve complex engineering problems in the simplest way. Sometimes, the simplest way can also balance performance and cost best." -Tianqi Hong

We welcome Dr. Tianqi Hong as a new Assistant Professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering! Read more>>>

"I think biology will become more quantitative and this will lead to more advances in drug discovery and vaccine design and other areas of bioengineering." -Peter Kner

Dr. Kner is an NSF CAREER Award Recipient and builds microscopy systems for studying cellular biology at resolutions below 200 nm. Dr. Kner's research combines new technologies to improve nanoscale imaging for the biological sciences and bioengineering. His structured illumination microscopes (SIM) are powerful enough to view details in living cells at less than 100 nm resolution.

Read more >>> about Dr. Kner and click the link to view research opportunities currently available for students and postdocs in his lab.

Dr. Mehmet Kurum specializes in electromagnetics, remote sensing, and develompent in radio frequency research. Dr. Kurum joined the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering this August 2023.

Read more about Dr. Kurum >>>

Diana Beckett is one of our outstanding Academic Advisors in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and co-authored the UGA Academic Advisor Toolkit that is used by many on campus to learn how to best advise UGA students. Diana is a huge sports fan, especially UGA baseball and football games. Read more>>>

Dr. Sarah Jahne (SJ) Bork recently joined the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in partnership with CENGR's Engineering Education Transformation Institute this August 2023. Dr. Bork's research in engineering education focuses on the mental health of engineering graduate students. Read more about Dr. Bork and their research here >>>

Dr. Qin Lu joined the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering as one of our new Assistant Professors this past July. Dr. Lu will focus her research on predictive modeling for autonomous and networked systems. Read more about Dr. Qin Lu here>>>

Dr. Mao's research has contributed to the development of diagnostic and therapeutic devices that have been patented for biomedical use, and he was awarded a National Science Foundation CAREER Award, and the National Academy of Inventors for his significant contributions to science and medicine. Read more >>>

Dr. Chris Herring was awarded the 2023 Creative Teaching Award. In his course, "Computer Architecture," students take part in "mini-internships" where they collaborate to find solutions. Read more >>> about Dr. Herring.

Dr. Racheida Lewis is a professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering and also with the Enginerring Education Transforations Institute. Dr. Lewis's primary focus is on justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in engineering. "I know firsthand some of the trials and tribulations one must overcome in this profession both personally and professionally." Read more>>>

"Engineers make the world a better place by translating the laws of science to overcome the limitations that nature has imposed on humanity. Engineering has truly enabled us to have dominion over much of the world around us." Read more>>> about Dr. Hunsu and his work in Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Engineering Education Transformations Institute.

"My research interests are to solve engineering problems using laser, fiber optics, and soft robotics. Laser and fiber optics really interests me since I was a college student because of their unique properties that you cannot find in electronics. Those properties give us unlimited possibilities to explore. Soft robotics is my new research interest, and I jumped into this area because of the infinite degree of freedom and the human-friendly physical interface that soft robots provide."- Professor Mable Fok, Director Lightwave & Microwave Photonics Laboratory Read More >>>

"The fascination of biomedical imaging with its many aspects never left me. Biomedical imaging, especially tomographic imaging, allows me to combine my two favorite areas of interest, instrumentation and imaging, up to the point that I built my own CAT scanner and am now in the process of building a low-field MRI scanner. Recently, low-field MRI has gained a lot of interest, because it eliminates the need for the massive superconducting magnets..."
-Dr. Mark Haidekker, Bioimaging & Biophotonics Laboratory

Dr. Kyle Johnson's specialty is in Virtual Reality and Multimodal 3D User Interfaces, leads the Georgia Informatics Institutes, and is director of the Virtual Experiences Laboratory at UGA. Read more >>>>

Dr. Kun Yao is a course lecturer and Cleanroom Manager in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering with a background in device design, fabrication and application in micro- & nanoscale.  Read more>>>

Dr. Haijian Sun joined the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the start of the Fall 2022 Semester.  We welcome Dr. Sun and his expertise in wireless communication studies for 5G, IoT networks, autonomous vehicles. Read more >>>

Dr. Guoyu Lu joined the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in August 2022, and specializes in computer vision, deep learning, and robotics, as well as building AI infrastructures for agriculture, forestry, remote sensing. Read more>>>

Dr. Thirimachos Bourlai joined the School of ECE in 2020 and has been actively engaged in research, teaching, and outreach since moving to Georgia. Dr. Bourlai is the Director of the Multispectral Imagery Laboratory.  Read more>>> on how you can help with the future of this new developing area of science.

Dr. Jin Ye is the Director of the Intelligent Power Electronics and Electric Machine Laboratory at UGA, and specilizes in power electronics, energy management systems, electric machinery, electric transportation, smart grids and cyber-pysical security and resilience. Read more>>>

Dr. Fred Beyette Jr. is the Founding Chair for the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  Dr. Beyette joined UGA in 2017. Help us celebrate ECE's first 5 official years as an School in the College of Engineering. Read more>>>

Amanda Snyder joined the University of Georgia in May 2022 as the new Administrative Assitant for ECE. Amanda is delighted in joining the ECE team to foster a vibrant and innovative space for learning and research. Read more>>>