ECE Student Spotlights

Animesh Paul received the ASEE 2023 National Conference Paper Award in the Division for Experimentation and Laboratory-Oriented Studies for his publication on “Exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Remote Laboratories.” Read more>>>

UGA Represents at the National Society of Black Engineers 49th Annual Convention

Twenty-two students and four faculty from UGA’s College of Engineering attended the 49th Annual Convention for the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) this past March in Kansas City, Missouri. This year’s theme is “I AM S.T.E.M.,” centered on professional success, tech in the future, engaging the next generation, and managing wellness. Read more>>>

Victor Philippe is a doctoral student in the Multispectral Imagery Lab at UGA with Dr. Thirimachos Bourlai. Victor is looking for participants for his current research project. Read more>>> about how you can be involved.

"I thought seeing everyone's projects was very fascinating but I really enjoyed the little competition that was proposed. I thought it was a fantastic idea to have this since it added an extra form of excitement." -Quote from a Student Presenter at the ECE Student Spring Expo.

Read more>>> and see photos from the UGA School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Spring Expo 2023.

Tommy Anton, recent graduate of the Fok WAVE Lab, had the unique opportunity to attend a research conference in Singapore. Tommy will be continuing his studies as a graduate student in Dr. Fok’s lab to pursue his master’s degree. Read more>>>

Congratulations to the 2023 Gold Medal HaT Winners: Dawson Chitwood, Austin Iversen, Cory Lewis, Jorge Sandoval, and George Tharpe! Read more>>> about this year's HaT Medal Winners in Dr. Herring and Dr. Trudgen's ECSE 2920.

>>> Read
about Celena Michaud and learn about her internship experiences with the Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation in Savannah, Georgia.

Catherine Tan is in her second year in Computer Systems Engineering at UGA, and recently received the Chair's Award for her Personal Statement of Purpose in the School of ECE. Read more >>>

University of Georgia Students attending a SSRL meeting on 2023 International Pi Day
(March 14, 2023)
"The Small Satellite Research Lab builds and develops and actually sends into orbit satellites for research purposes…” -Isaac Garon

Read more >>> about UGA's Small Satellite Research Lab and their current Missions that are planned to launch into space this coming 2024.


"I think the biggest thing a person needs to be successful at anything is buy-in. The ability to take ownership of a project and dedicate all that you can to it is what makes your work in a project successful." -Caroline Lassiter, Student in Computer Systems Engineering  

Read more >>> about Caroline and what convinced her that the University of Georgia is the place to be for  space-related research opportunities.

"During my junior year of high school, I started working on a medical device to detect seizure 10-45 minutes prior to their occurrence. I came to UGA as a journalism major with a Spanish minor, but I decided to carry my device with me into college and added electrical engineering to my other areas of study to do so."  -Ashley Galanti

Read more >>> about Ashley Galanti, her experiences during her Bachelor's of Science at UGA and her plans after graduation.

"Everywhere you go it is extremely important to make connections, even outside of your direct team... Additionally, it is so important to stay curious and interested- learn every part of a process and ask tons of questions!"

Read more >>>
about Sophia Olson, Student in Electrical Engineering, Minoring in Spanish, CENGR Student Ambassador

"What motivates me is the thought that even if the future is coming, it is now that matters."
-Alex Skelton, Fourth Year Student in Electrical Engineering

Read more >>> about Alex Skelton, his study hacks, and his adventures in coding!

"At the University of Georgia, what it takes to be a successful engineering student is a passion for problem solving, willingness to be challenged, an ability to collaborate with others, and a good attitude..."
-Nate Guenard

Read More >>> about Nate Guenard, Student in Computer Systems Engineering and CENGR Student Ambassador

Siddie Pennewill
is in her third year studying Computer Systems Engineering, with a Minor in Mathematics, and is one of the UGA Engineering Student Ambassadors. Read more about Siddie and why she chose to study CSE at UGA.

UGA's Robotics Club is housed in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering on the first floor of the Boyd Graduate Research Center. Read more about the Robotics Club and their plans for Spring 2023.

Pictured left to right: Takaya Suzuki (BSCSE), Peyton Aussin (BSEE), Samuel Bernal (BSEE), Clayton Hunter (BSCSE), Cole Sterck (BSEE), Zaniyah Sealey (BSCSE), Anthony Blankenship (BSEE), Dr. Fred Beyette Jr. (School Chair), Samuel Oniha (BSEE), Jacob Shuman (BSEE), Sean Wilkins (BSEE), Luis Godoy Orantes (BSEE).

Read about our Fall Convocation.

Congratulations to all our Fall 2022 Graduates. Held in conjunction with the University of Georgia's Commencement, the UGA College of Engineering's Convocation is a special ceremony honoring students individually for their hard work and dedication in earning an engineering degree.  

View our photo gallery of Fall 2022 ECE Graduates.

Thirty-six students
enrolled in Dr. Kyle Johnsen’s Interdisciplinary Virtual Reality course, CSCI 4830/6830, presented their final projects on December 8, 2022 outside of the Virtual Experiences Laboratory.

Zach Jones plans to become Electrical Engineer after graduationg from UGA.  Read more about Zach and his time at UGA.

Forty-one students in the College of Engineering attended the 2022 Regional Conference for the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) this past November 4-6 in Atlanta, GA. Read more about the students experiences and reflections from the NSBE conference.

Sarah Sileshi, Engineering Student Ambassador is studying Computer Systems Engineering, minoring in Computer Science, and President of University of Georgia's National Society of Black  Engineering Students. Sarah demonstrates what it means to shine as a Bulldog Engineer through her leadership, diligence and service.

Elaina Marie Davis, student in Electrical Engineering and French, is one of 75 recipients of the 2022/23 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Power and Energy Society Scholarship.

"I liked engineering as a little kid, but I didn’t know that’s what it was. I just really liked my snap circuits and I especially loved MythBusters." - Elaina Davis

Ananya Zabin is a doctoral candidate in the MILab working on biometrics using facial and retinal image recognition. Read how you can volunteer as a research participant for her study.

"I believe the first step towards success is to know how to embrace failure in a positive way and stay focused; only then one can try more attempts to make that a success."   -Ananya Zabin

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering is honored to spotlight Suha Reddy Mokalla, doctoral candidate in the UGA MILab working on biometric image recognition. Suha passed her comprehensive exams at the beginning of October and we send our congratulations!

"Watch for imaginary boxes. Open them up if they get in your way.  Never give up." -Favorite quote shared with Suha Mokalla from a friend

Jinan Zhang is a PhD candidate in Dr. Jin Ye's Intelligent Power Electronics and Electric Machine Laboratory in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UGA. Jinan is currently working on a Multilevel Cyber security for Photovoltaic (PV) Systems sponsored by the Department of Energy

"Engineering has provided me with invaluable opportunities to solve real-world problems. I can leverage my talents, knowledge and experience to find optimal solutions." - Jinan Zhang

Zaniyah Sealey is graduating December 2022 in Computer Systems Engineering with a Certificate in Informatics, and is our featured speaker at the December Convocation. Zaniyah worked with the Ford Motor Company as a Software Engineer this past summer, and is enjoying her last semester at UGA.

"I chose UGA because of the people. There are genuine, and kind-hearted people here, who want to see each other succeed. What I have realized since being here is that a huge part of college is the people you meet. This 100% contributes to your career past undergrad." -Zaniyah Sealy

Elfreda Kwawu is studying Computer Systems Engineering and a member of the National Society for Black Engineers, UGA Chapter.

"...Engineering is a field where ideas need to be flowing at all times so to be successful engineers need to quickly formulate new plans because in the real world, there are external factors that can throw off theoretical data. In the same vein, coming back from failures is essential and that is where it pays off to be diligent and persistent in seeking a suitable answer to the problem." - Elfreda Kwawu

Double Dawg Mathew Olson is beginning his fourth year in Electrical Engineering and interned with the NASA Ames Research Center in nanosatellite development and design.

"I have always been interested in engineering—when I was younger, I loved building structures out of Legos, Jenga Blocks, and robotics." -Matthew Olson

During summer 2022, Isaac Garon, undergraduate student in School of Electrical and Computer Enginering, interned with the Savannah River National Laboratory.

"...working in a team-focused environment taught me how to effectively and efficiently work with coworkers to solve challenging problems and invent unique and creative solutions." -Isaac Garon

Taike Tolbert is a BSEE Electrical and Electronics Engineering student who is on track to graduate in spring 2023. The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering is proud to highlight Taike’s co-op experience with Yokogawa Corporation of America in Newnan, Georgia as a Co-op Engineer.

Andrew Rukangu is a doctoral candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering working the development of teleoperating a robotic arm in Dr. Kyle Johnsen's Virtual Experiences Laboratory.

"As a kid, I loved taking toys and watches apart as well as building my own toys from wires and rubber bands..."  -Andrew Rukangu

Celena Michaud is studying Computer Systems Engineering, planning to graduate in spring 2023. The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering is proud to highlight Celena Michaud's co-op experiences with the Gulfstream Aerospace.

Victor Qiu is a BSEE Electrical and Electronics Engineering student who is on track to graduate in spring 2025. Victor shared with us his co-op experience with Cox Communication in Atlanta, GA this past summer.

Tommy Anton is a BSEE Electrical and Electronics Engineering student who is on track to graduate in spring 2023.

“During this summer rotation, I worked on designing custom cables, tuning positioners, and controlling motors. I also was able to work on-site in Tobyhanna, PA where NSI-MI is developing a far-field antenna test range. This has been a great company to work with and I'm very happy to have joined the UGA Co-op program.” -Tommy Anton

In spring 2022, Drs. Herring and Trudgen recognized two highest performing teams in ECSE 2920, Design and Methodology in Electrical and Computer Science Engineering with the "2022 HaT Award." Congratulations to the Winners of the 2022 HaT Award! Gold Winners Pictured above.

UGA Transit was gracious to host three ECSE 1100: Intro to Electrical and Computer Engineering courses for a visit of the Vehicle Transportation Maintenance facility.  Read about the students' tour of the all-electric transit vehicles that were introduced as part of UGA's strategic plan toward environmental sustainability.

Olivia Kim is a Young Dawg from Alpharetta High School working in Dr. Mable Fok's WAVE Lab this summer. Olivia presented at the Young Dawg Presentation on July 1, 2022 and was selected as one of three presentation winners.

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