Engineering and technology students to gather at automotive and motorsports summit

Engineering and technology students gathering at the “T²: Talent and Technology Motorsports Summit”Engineering and technology students will gather at the University of Georgia this fall during the “T²: Talent and Technology Motorsports Summit” on Oct. 11-12.

Students from engineering and technology schools across the region will meet with representatives from major automotive and motorsports companies, as well as tech-oriented start-ups seeking highly trained engineers and tech-skilled students who aspire to careers in motorsports and the automotive industry.

“The automotive industry is evolving faster and more dramatically than at any time in the past century,” said Donald Leo, dean of UGA’s College of Engineering. “Our partnership with STEAM Sports Foundation in this summit will bring together the next generation of tech and engineering talent with the companies that are creating the new future of transportation.”

The event will include presentations, panel discussions, and breakout sessions on key innovations in the field as well as career opportunities. Students who aspire to careers in the automotive industry or motorsports will vie for grants and scholarships.

“The Southeast has become a hotbed for automotive manufacturing and development with nearly a dozen original equipment manufacturers or corporate offices located in this region,” said Leo. “This summit is a perfect opportunity for students to connect with and learn from leaders in this exciting and growing industry.”

Innovation, the talent pool, and technology are all critical issues facing automotive manufacturers and suppliers. In addition to allowing industry leaders an opportunity to meet and recruit emerging engineering and technical talent, the event will afford companies business-to-business opportunities as well.

“For the summit name, we chose T-squared with the t’s standing for technology and talent,” said Bob Dickinson, Executive Director of STEAM Sport Foundation. “These are the two core focuses of the conference. The summit’s organizers believe that the combination of technology and talent can exponentially solve many issues facing the transportation and automotive industry and propel it into the future.”

Engineering and technical students attend free of charge. On aspect of the summit will be a focus on underrepresented groups in the automotive industry, including women and minorities. OEMs and automotive suppliers who make a tax-deductible contribution to the STEAM Sports Foundation for scholarship and grants can participate in the event at no cost and have their representatives participate in the Summit’s messaging.

The agenda and speakers for the Summit will be announced over the next several weeks. For more information about T², visit

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