Extraordinary Engineer: Maitry Bhattacharjee

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Maitry Bhattacharjee

Chittagong, Bangladesh

High School
Raozan R.R.A.C High School

Current: Ph.D., Biochemical Engineering

Other Degrees
M.S., Environmental Science & Management; B.Sc., Textile Engineering

Expected Graduation
Fall 2026

What is your favorite thing about being a student at UGA?

As an international student at UGA, I appreciate the vibrant campus that fosters cultural diversity & academic excellence which enriches my college experience and makes my time at UGA more memorable. This provides an opportunity for me to make new friends from all walks of life and countries.

Why did you choose engineering?

My passion for engineering stems from the thought of wellness towards the environment. My aim to work on sustainability pushed me to study biochemical engineering, which will make the earth pollution-free and ensure safety for future generations.

Why is it important for the university to have a diverse community?

This exposure improves critical thinking and cultural competence for a globalized workforce. It triggers personal flourishment by personal development with strong interpersonal skills, empathy, and a deeper understanding of societal challenges. Additionally, a diverse community addresses issues of equity and inclusion, ensuring representation and creating a supportive environment.

What has been the greatest challenge you have faced while at UGA, and how did you overcome it?

I struggled to balance my time between research and classes at the same time. However, I was able to learn how to set priorities over time. My family helped me a lot in getting through the ordeal.

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What have you learned that has made a difference for you?

I believe hardship and suffering foster self-assurance and focus. As an international student, I’m more goal-oriented in a new environment.

Who has helped you become a successful student at UGA?

My parents’ support during my journey to UGA is greatly appreciated. Dr. Sudhagar Mani, my supervisor, mentors and motivates me in all facets of my study. My friends are a constant source of encouragement and strength for me in all that I do. Finally, I am grateful to my spouse, Avik Kumar Dhar, for guiding me toward UGA.

What is your favorite spot on campus and why?

Lake Herrick. Taking walks around the lake is one of my favorite activities. This spot holds a special place in my heart, as it was the first place, I used to go for afternoon walks after coming to the USA. Now, I frequently hang out here with all of my friends.

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What has been your favorite class at UGA?

I found the course ‘Heterogeneous Reactor Design and Bio/Catalysis,’ taught by Dr. James Kastner, to be the most fascinating among all the courses I took. Initially, I felt apprehensive about the course name, but it turned out to be the most fulfilling. The course taught me how to approach problem-solving more efficiently.

What has been your best memory at UGA?

Choosing just one favorite memory from my innumerable experiences is difficult. I hold each recollection in the highest regard. I have the good fortune to have some amazing friends at UGA that make every experience here unforgettable. But I can mention my first day at UGA will always be something touching to me.

What advice do you have for younger students who wish to pursue engineering?

For the young scholar, I would suggest taking time to explore the various engineering specialties to identify their actual areas of interest. We should not fear failure; it should be considered as an opportunity for one’s growth. Students should balance academics with extracurricular activities and remember that a well-rounded approach often leads to unique perspectives.

How do you hope to impact society with your engineering degree?

I intend to work with the environment through a biochemical engineering degree. My goal is to lead the way in creating solutions for urgent global issues by utilizing the knowledge from my classes & research. Additionally, I am compelled to engage in research and development that targets biobased materials creation, renewable energy use, and waste reduction. Working with interdisciplinary terms, my mission is to use these skills to improve people’s lives and have a beneficial effect on society.

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