Elena Matarazzo

Engineering Student Ambassador

Civil Engineering

Driftmier Engineering Center
Athens, Georgia
United States

Major: Civil Engineering

Hometown: Springfield, NJ

Class: 4th year

Fun Fact: I was an equestrian growing up!

Why did you choose UGA? I chose UGA because after a long search of many out of state schools, It was the only place I felt satisfied and reassured by after visiting. I thought I might want to do engineering but did not want to limit myself to just that at such a young age. I knew that a more wide range of opportunities and support could be provided to me by this school; getting a well rounded education and background mo matter what field I did choose. Furthermore, I would argue that we produce more competitive engineers because of the development of soft skills and communication skills that a lot of other STEM people lack in the real world.

Favorite memory as a Bulldog Engineer? Driving to North ave and parking on the corner of a gas station where a lot of students go and running some RMR tests on the outcrop in the parking lot with a friend I made from my classes! People probably thought we were crazy and the outcrop was even hidden but I felt so nerdy in the best way doing it.