Layla Parsa

Engineering Student Ambassador

Mechanical Engineering

Driftmier Engineering Center
597 D.W. Brooks Drive
Athens, Georgia 30602
United States


Mechanical Engineering


Kennesaw, GA


3rd year

Fun Fact

I'm allergic to carrots and celery, but only when they're raw!

Why did you choose UGA?

I chose UGA because I knew that pursuing an engineering degree here would give me a balanced and well-rounded education. Also, I knew that UGA engineers have good reputations with a lot of companies. Ouside of academics, I was really looking forward to a college experience. I spent all of high school with my head buried in textbooks, so I was definitely looking forward to coming to UGA where I could could be academically challenged and have fun at the same time.

Favorite memory as a Bulldog Engineer

It may sound weird, but I have very fond memories of when the pandemic hit and classes moved online. My classmates and friends still made deliberate efforts to stay in touch and study together. That's when the sense of community hit me, and those long days of working together over FaceTime and Zoom showed me that my peers are always looking out for me. It was such an uncertain time, but I knew my fellow Bulldog Engineers had my back!