Nathaniel Guenard

Engineering Student Ambassador

Computer Systems Engineering

Driftmier Engineering Center
Athens, Georgia
United States

Major: Computer Systems Engineering

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Class: 1st year

Fun Fact: I produce music on my computer in my free time

Why did you choose UGA? UGA had everything I was looking for. I wanted the student life of a big state school with the academic experience of a smaller school. The UGA college of engineering gave me a way to recieve a more personal academic experience. I also wanted to play club ice hockey in college and now I am a UGA ice dawg. Also, I simply fell in love with athens and UGA when I visted. Within the first hour of my visit I knew UGA was the place for me.

Favorite memory as a Bulldog Engineer?  My favorite memories are just studying and hanging out with friends. Complaining about a difficult class or test. Sharing the experience of being an engineer is one of my favorite parts of being an engineer. There is nothing more satisfying than trouble shooting a problem or lab with a friend and finally succeding. Celebrating overcoming those small instances of adversity with my friends are my best memories as an engineer.