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Your Pledge: Commit to the UGA Engineering Experience

Don't miss out, Bulldog Engineers. Show up and engage in class.

At UGA and the UGA College of Engineering, students learn from their professors but also from each other. Do your part by showing up for your assigned classes and participating—whether remotely or in person.

Show your commitment by signing our pledge

As a Bulldog Engineer, I pledge to:

  • Participate fully in the in-person cohorts of my classes taught using hybrid learning.
  • Participate fully in the remote cohorts of my classes taught using hybrid learning.
  • Turn on my camera when learning remotely so I can more effectively engage in the classroom environment.
  • Find an environment that is conducive to effective learning when participating remotely, for example a quiet area free of other electronic devices.
  • Participate fully in the discussion when learning remotely in small groups and treat these sessions as if they were face-to-face.
  • Use online material as a supplement to attending lectures in-person and remotely, and not as a substitute for attending class.