Matthew Lozito

Engineering Student Ambassador

Pronouns: He/Him

Major: Civil Engineering

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Class: 3rd year

Fun Fact: I worked for the UGA football team as a student recruiting analyst.

Why did you choose UGA? I always knew I wanted to leave my hometown of New York and spend 4 years of my college career in a place that was different than what I am used to. Coming to UGA has been the best decision of my life, the opportunities that I have at this school have been incredible, and the engineering community has been so welcoming.

Favorite Memory as a Bulldog Engineer? My favorite memory as a Bulldog Engineer was sitting in office hours with my professors throughout each semester, especially the first semester of my junior year. The one on one interaction time with them has allowed me to create long lasting relationships with faculty members that I am very grateful for.

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