Rosalba Mazzotta

Engineering Student Ambassador

Pronouns: She/Her

Major: Biochemical Engineering

Hometown: Roswell, Ga

Class: 4th Year

Fun Fact: I have sailed to Miami, Cancun and the Bahamas

Why did you choose UGA? I honestly applied only because my high school counselor told me to, I lived less than 2 hours away but I had no idea until I scheduled a tour upon getting accepted. While visiting, the campus reminded me of my parents’ alma mater in Japan which, along with the sheer amount of opportunities that are offered convinced me that the UGA college of engineering would be somewhere I could grow and thrive.

Favorite Memory as a Bulldog Engineer? Dean Leo helped me to organize a lecture for my Italian great uncle who is a dean emeritus. It was amazing that he was kind enough to help me with it and I feel like it isn’t something that could’ve happened at any other College in or out of UGA.

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