Sophia Olson

Engineering Student Ambassador

Pronouns: She/Her

Major: Electrical Engineering

Hometown: Boise, ID

Class: 3rd Year

Fun Fact: I have played rugby for two countries national teams!

Why did you choose UGA? Since I moved a lot while growing up, moving across the country wasn’t a large factor in my decision, so my top choice school became the dream school- it was: Where can I see myself? Where will I find balance? Where will I try and experience new things? UGA embodied my dream school. I was out of my comfort zone, knew no one, but was so excited to rep the red and black. Once I found engineering, every choice I had made was confirmed.

Favorite memory as a Bulldog Engineer?  Many of my favorite memories are with the engineering fraternity, Theta Tau. I joined when I was new to UGA and new to engineering, but everyone was so welcoming and there was so much commradery. I serve as the treasurer on our exec board. Joining Theta Tau was one of the best decisions I made, and that was afforded because of Bulldog engineering.

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