The University of Georgia College of Engineering invites you to commit to a new generation of engineers through our alumni + student engagement programs.

Engineering | Alum of the Day

Spend an afternoon in Athens and share your wisdom with College of Engineering students! Your participation as Alum of the Day allows students the opportunity to make a meaningful alumni connection while meeting two-on-one in a conference room setting. There is minimal prep work to be done on your end; a meeting schedule and resumes will be provided in advance for review. There are no better candidates to facilitate conversations around industry know-how and life after college than our very own Bulldog Engineers.

Engineering | Day in the Life

Would you enjoy interacting with young adults in a closely held, roundtable discussion? Alumni and Friends of the College of Engineering are invited to participate in our Day in the Life Series and educate students about career options by connecting classroom learning to real world situations. These sessions are an hour in length and are designed to be instructive and engaging. We invite interested alumni to walk students through a typical work day and/or engage them in current projects.

UGA Mentor Program

Helping the next generation win is an amazing feeling. Simply opening up your calendar can open life-changing doors. But with our busy schedules, it can be hard to know where to start. The UGA Mentor Program provides a convenient way for you to invest in a student’s future. We are personalizing the mentoring experience to connect you with students no matter where you are and on your schedule.


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