Follow the links below to learn more about available graduate research assistantships in the UGA College of Engineering.

Ph.D. Opening in Photonics ResearchThe Photonics and Soft Robotics Lab (WAVE Lab) at the University of Georgia has openings for graduate students with interests in bio-inspired photonics, soft robotics, microwave photonics, and fiber optic sensing.

Ph.D. Opening in IoT/CPS Research
A Ph.D. research assistantship position is available in the research area of IoT/CPS data analytics and blockchain. The candidate will join the Sensorweb Research Laboratory to create innovative IoT/CPS time-series data analytics methodologies and blockchain systems for health and security monitoring applications.

Ph.D. Opening in Biometrics Research
The primary responsibility of the GRA student positions will be to (a) advance the filed of computer vision and biometrics using either face, iris or voice as the primary biometric trait; (b) lead, participate and support data collection activities, i.e. capturing biometric images and videos using different sensors.

Ph.D. Student Assistantship in Atmospheric Science / Coastal Engineering
The general scope of the Ph.D. project is to assess the pre- and post-disaster performance of natural (e.g., coastal wetlands, dunes, barrier islands, etc.) as proxies for the performance of nature-based features. The Ph.D. student will be responsible for developing novel field-data collection methods, performing coastal hydrodynamic model simulations, and linking measurements and models to develop guidance.

Ph.D. Student Assistantship in Estuarine Hydrodynamics
The general scope of work includes hydrodynamic modeling of coastal salt marsh environments and a significant fieldwork component. The Ph.D. student will develop a hydrodynamic model to simulate tidal flows in complex marsh environments and examine conditions to changing marsh and tidal creek landscapes. The student will also assist in field campaigns involving deploying sensors (ADCPs and pressure transducers) and ecological measurements of marsh grass and oyster reefs.

Ph.D. Student Assistantship in Coastal Nature-Based Feature Design
The general scope of work includes hydrodynamic modeling of the coastal nature-based features (e.g., barrier island and salt marsh environments) with a substantial fieldwork component. The Ph.D. student will develop hydrodynamic and sediment transport models to assess flood mitigation strategies for various landscape configurations that will inform the future engineering design of nature-based infrastructure. The student will also assist in field campaigns involving RTK-GPS surveys, and deployment of monitoring equipment (ADCPs and pressure transducers), among others. There will be a tight-knit collaboration with other graduate students and post-docs across an interdisciplinary research team.

Ph.D. Opening in Machine Learning / Deep Learning for Biological Sensor Applications
The general scope of work includes learning and understanding different machine learning/deep learning models, modifying or developing new models, writing Python code or using Statistic software packages. The GRA student will engage with students involved in sensor development, understand the principle of the sensor under development, the characteristics of the señor data, and learn how to collect the data.

Ph.D. Opening in Air Pollution and Equity
The new Engineering Environmental Equity (E3) Lab is recruiting doctoral students to engage in air quality research projects with a particular focus on air quality, green infrastructure and environmental justice.

Ph.D. Openings in Bioinspired Materials
The Biomembranes Engineering Laboratory at the University of Georgia has openings for 2 (3-year, NSF- funded) motivated Ph.D. students with interest in soft, bioinspired materials. The lab is highly interdisciplinary, and students holding a B.S. or M.S. degree in mechanical engineering, biological engineering, physics, or any related disciplines are invited to apply. The laboratory contains state-of-theart custom facilities for conducting studies on lipid membranes, microfluidics, and interfacial chemistry. Graduate students will receive a full tuition waiver, stipends, and funds to attend conferences.

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