Engineering Summer Academy at UGA

In collaboration with the Georgia Center for Continuing Education, the University of Georgia offers annual interactive summer camps for middle and high school students interested in engineering and STEM fields.

Program Information and Registration

Introductory Engineering Summer Academy

Explore the world of engineering in this exciting, hands-on camp! Discover the variety of different roles that engineers play in the world, and see many of the fields engineering can be applied to, including architecture, transportation and aerospace. We’ll learn the basics of mechanical, structural, electrical, and control system engineering, and discover the scientific principles at work behind them, including Newton’s laws, work, energy, simple machines, friction, gravity, heat, electricity, and fluid forces. You’ll get the chance to participate in hands-on activities and friendly competitions, as we build structures, vehicles, catapults, and rockets. Time will be available to discuss topics of interest to the students as the week progresses.

Ages: 11-14

Advanced Engineering Summer Academy

Students in the Advanced Engineering camps will get to experience a week in the life of an engineer – thinking, planning, designing, fabricating, and proving designs using an expansive engineering toolkit of software, tools, and equipment. The project-based program lets students Experience Engineering in a fun, informative, and creative environment with just a hint of friendly competition. You will select one project for the week with emphasis on electrical, mechanical, civil, computer systems, biological/agricultural, biomedical, chemical, or environmental engineering. Activities will include learning from engineering experts and working in teams to complete projects. Upon departing for the week, we hope that students leave excited about engineering, minds racing with ideas to change the world, and with a greater understanding of what engineers do to make ideas come to life.

Ages: 15-17

B.L.A.C.K. Engineering

Learn about the world of engineering through this impactful, one-week camp. This week-long residential camp, designed for students from underrepresented and underserved populations, uses the B.L.A.C.K. – Building Leaders through Analysis, Conceptualization, and Knowledge – experience to explore engineering through the following lenses:

  • Building – students will learn and practice the engineering design process through hands-on projects
  • Leaders – students will develop and practice oral and written communication skills to prepare them as future leaders
  • Analysis – students will understand how to analyze information and data relevant to solving engineering problems
  • Conceptualization – students will create and design ethical engineering solutions
  • Knowledge – students will build upon their current math, physics, and science courses to expand their understanding of these concepts in relation to engineering

Ages: 15-17

Women ExCEL In Engineering

Discover different fields of engineering while building community and having fun in this week-long residential camp. The Women Experience Creativity, Excitement, and Learning (ExCEL) in Engineering camp is designed for future women engineers and will explore the work of engineers through planning, designing, fabricating, and testing in a variety of group and individual projects. Activities include learning from other female engineers and working in teams to complete projects.

Students will be afforded formal and informal life and physical sciences learning opportunities and explore leadership, innovation, and the engineering design process through hands-on activities within our Engineering Discovery Laboratory and Fabrication Design Studio spaces. Additionally, students will be led on a mid-week field trip to a nearby lake where sustainability and environmental stewardship will be the focus. After completion of the camp, we hope students leave excited about engineering and filled with a passion for how they can make their impact on the world as a future woman engineer.

Ages: 15-17

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