Opportunities Available M-F Weekly

Employer of the Day provides a space for employers to connect with engineering students in the main engineering instructional facility on campus. The program takes place Monday-Friday from 9:00am-12:30pm or 1:00pm-4:30pm. This drop-in event provides a casual and familiar environment for students to interact with you. Employers are welcome to bring company brochures, business cards, giveaways, food, etc. for the students. Your presence on campus will be marketed to our students through listserv, newsletter and display screens. Contact Sean McGarity with any questions.

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Opportunities Weekly | 1 Hour Sessions

Is there a technical or skill-based talk you would like to present to our engineering students? Info Sessions provide you an hour of time in the evening to engage with students. This is a free program for employers to participate in and will be marketed to all engineering students prior to your date.

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Case by Case Availability

The College of Engineering has over 20 student organizations that help members build teamwork and leadership skills, foster a diverse community, provide cultural support and give students the opportunity to pursue something they’re passionate about. Employers can connect with relevant organizations by presenting company information during a scheduled club meeting. See organization list here.

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Case by Case Availability

Would you like to engage with a specific engineering course and present a technical lecture on a relevant topic? Employers can connect with students during a scheduled course time and present information on a topic agreed on by the faculty instructor.

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