Extraordinary Engineer: Jalen Edusei

Jalen Edusei

Jalen Edusei

Acworth, GA

High School
Allatoona High School

Computer Systems Engineering
Mathematics Minor

Expected Graduation

What is your favorite thing about being a student at UGA?

My favorite thing about being a student at UGA is the amazing culture here. UGA emphasizes academic excellence while providing many opportunities for social interaction and building new connections.

Why did you choose engineering?

I chose engineering because it is a versatile career field. With a focus in computer systems engineering, I can engage with both the software and hardware aspects of technology, which means I can do anything from building satellites to working on bioinformatics research to enhancing cybersecurity and beyond.

Why is it important for the university to have a diverse community?

It is important for the university to have a diverse community because diverse perspectives breed innovation and progress. By ensuring that every voice is heard and valued, genuine change can truly happen.

Group of students sitting on brick wall wearing shirts that read "Home is where the Arch is."What has been the greatest challenge you have faced while at UGA, and how did you overcome it?

My greatest challenge at UGA would be coming here without knowing anyone and dealing with social anxiety. Since none of the peers I graduated with attended UGA, I had to form completely new friendships on my own. Overcoming this took gradual steps, starting with small social interactions within various campus organizations.

What have you learned that has made a difference for you?

One invaluable lesson I have learned is to take initiative. If you leave things up to others, chances are that it may not be as much of a priority to them as it is to you, and the task at hand will not get done until you take the initiative to do it.

Who has helped you become a successful student at UGA?

My peers have helped me become a successful student at UGA. They have encouraged me to try new things and follow their example. My horizons have broadened to many different opportunities on campus because I have been able to grow my network and see things that my peers are actively involved in.

What is your favorite spot on campus and why?

My favorite spot on campus is the Office of Engagement, Leadership, and Service, located on the first floor of the Tate Student Center. It provides a study place with collaborative work stations, ample space, and a quiet atmosphere.

What has been your favorite class at UGA?

My favorite class at UGA has been Software Development, CSCI 1302. Through this course, I honed my critical-thinking skills in Java and gained proficiency in creating immersive applications using JavaFX.

What has been your best memory at UGA?

My best memory at UGA was participating in a study abroad trip to Germany. During this experience, I not only explored different parts of Germany, France, and Austria but also developed my professional engineering skills and forged lifelong friendships.

Group of students jumping up and posing for photo in front of location in Germany

What advice do you have for younger students who wish to pursue engineering?

For younger students wishing to pursue engineering, my advice is to go for it with an open mind. Explore various engineering disciplines during your first few semesters and remain open to changing majors if your interests evolve. Engineering offers diverse opportunities for growth and impact.

How do you hope to impact society with your engineering degree?

With my engineering degree, I aspire to simplify and enhance people’s lives through technological advancements. By improving communications and simplifying everyday tasks, I aim to contribute to societal progress and well-being.

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