Our Start-Ups

Recent UGA Engineering Start-Up Companies

Can I Recycle This, Inc.
Katherine Shayne

Can I Recycle This (CIRT) uses artificial intelligence to inform consumers and citizens about what is and isn’t recyclable based on their location.

inNOveta Biomedical LLC
Hitesh Handa

Handa and his company are developing novel biomaterials that combat dangerous thrombus formation and infection.

​Jenna Jambeck and Kyle Johnsen

Jambeck and Johnsen have created “smarter recycling bins.” Their low-powered, interactive recycling bin provides immediate positive feedback to users so that usage dramatically grows and recycling rates increase. Check out this video.

BiotecEra, Inc.
Yajun Yan

Yan has discovered a method to bioengineer pathways of compounds such as 5-HTP, an over-the-counter anti-depressant, current derived from plants.

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