The University of Georgia’s Nanotechnology and Biomedicine Research Experiences for Undergraduates proggram offers students from across the U.S. an interdisciplinary research experience at the interface of these two exciting fields. The ten-week summer program is funded by the National Science Foundation and leverages the diverse interdisciplinary expertise, resources, and training opportunities in nanotechnology and biomedicine at UGA.

Students participate in interdisciplinary research projects that apply nanotechnology to specific biomedical questions. Each REU student is co-mentored by paired faculty from the nanotechnology and biomedical disciplines on a collaborative research project. Work with the faculty mentors can continue during the coming academic year and eventually result in publishable work.

In addition to a total-immersion, hands-on research experience, students participate in enriching activities including an ethics-in-science workshop; weekly lunch presentations on the opportunities in interdisciplinary research, and what to expect in graduate school; a career workshop; research seminars; tours of UGA research facilities; participation in a regional summer symposium in nanotechnology and biomedicine; and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

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