The UGA School of Chemical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering offers unique, interdisciplinary programs to support development of creative solutions for human health and wellness and transition to a sustainable bio-economy. A vibrant academic environment exists that fosters engineering education in a liberal arts environment and research that addresses critical societal needs.

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Vision + Values

Within the next few years, the School of Chemical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering will attain an international reputation as a thought leader in the industrialization of biology and biological systems. The faculty will have acclaimed expertise in bio-based manufacturing, renewable energy and chemicals, sustainable new materials and next-gen advanced therapeutics and medical devices. Students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels will receive a demanding, high quality education that emphasizes experiential learning and inter-disciplinarity.

Value Statements:
  1. The school will offer unique, inter-disciplinary degree programs.
  2. The school will be a thought leader in developing creative solutions for human health and wellness and the transition to a sustainable bioeconomy.
  3. The school will foster a culture of innovation and research excellence.
  4. The school will be characterized by its diverse, highly accomplished alumni.
  5. The school will sustain a reputation for offering demanding, high quality programs.
Why Choose Us

As a student in the UGA School of Chemical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering, you’ll build the technical expertise and essential skills necessary to tackle the biggest challenges in the discipline.

And here on campus, you’ll also gain the academic perspective and professional depth vital in our global society.

We offer a robust, dynamic, hands-on engineering education in the vibrant context of one of the nation’s 20 best public universities. Our setting in a comprehensive liberal arts research institution allows us to collaborate with an incredible variety of researchers in other disciplines across campus and around the world. We offer meaningful student-professor interactions, a supportive program culture, and plenty of opportunities for undergraduate research, co-ops and internships, and study abroad. And it all happens here in Athens, one of America’s coolest college towns…

Join a cutting-edge engineering program at a time-honored university

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