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Academic Advising

Academic advising for our students is coordinated by the Office of Engineering Academic Programs. An advising appointment is required each semester for each term and is an important part of your academic experience at the University of Georgia.

To assist you in your college career at The University of Georgia, Academic Advising is provided and required of all students for every term.

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CENGR Undergraduate Academic Appeals Policy & Procedures

Student Responsibilities

Our College of Engineering Academic Advisors provide assistance to students with questions related to academic advisement, curriculum, graduation requirements, academic achievement and career planning. It is important to remember that each student is expected to be an active participant in the educational process. Ultimately, the selection of appropriate courses to meet degree requirements is the student’s responsibility. In addition, each student is expected to keep appraised of issues related to engineering academics. Your Academic Counselor is an excellent resource to help you meet this expectation.

Schedule an advising appointment

All Undergraduate Students should make an appointment with their assigned academic advisor through the online scheduling system (

  • Advisement is required for each student for every academic term.
  • Scheduling your advising appointment early is strongly recommended

Prepare for your advising appointment

Before your advising appointment make sure to review your academic progress. Each student is responsible for their coursework and understanding the degree requirements and policies related to his/her own academic progress. Students should also complete the following tasks before their scheduled appointment:

  • Prepare a tentative schedule for the next semester and pay attention to any pre-requisite or co-requisite requirements
  • Many courses are only offered during specific semesters or have required pre-requisites
  • Browse the schedule of classes in Athena    

Registration Appointments

Registration appointment times are assigned by the Office of the Registrar. A student will not be cleared for registration until an advisement appointment is completed. 

Academic Support

The Office of Academic Programs is dedicated to the academic success of each student in the College of Engineering. The Academic Manager is available to assist students who are experiencing academic difficulties or those who need referrals to campus resources. Appointments can be made via email ( or phone (706-542-3354).

The Division of Academic Enhancement offers free academic support to University of Georgia students. These services include:

  • Introductory courses in English, math, reading, and study strategies
  • A comprehensive Academic Resource Center
  • Tutoring
  • Instruction in skills and strategies that promote academic success
  • Academic success workshops
  • Academic Counseling