The College of Engineering is pleased to make available scholarships, offered on a competitive basis, to graduate students. These scholarships are designated both to highlight the benefits of graduate education and to enhance the overall graduate education experience

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The deadline for scholarship applications is Feb. 28 each year.

Joel Terry Hunt Graduate Fellowship in Engineering

The purpose of the fund is to provide support for an exceptional graduate student in the College of Engineering. The recipient should be of high moral character, demonstrated by community service, volunteering, and/or leadership activities. He or she will be chosen based on merit by the Fellowship Committee of the Graduate School, with recommendations from the College of Engineering. First preference shall be given to entering graduate students who wish to pursue an advanced degree in Engineering. The renewability of the Fellowship will be limited to two years for a master’s candidate(s) and five years for a Ph.D. candidate(s).

The Rowan Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship is committed to creating and reinforcing a welcoming multicultural learning community within the College of Engineering. A “Diversity Scholar” receives financial assistance to recognize their academic achievement and potential for sharing their varied cultural perspective with the UGA engineering community. This scholarship is available to first year, transfer and continuing engineering students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Criteria for selecting Diversity Scholars include an academic record that demonstrates the potential for academic achievement. Each scholar must be enrolled in the UGA engineering program the first semester that the scholar enters the University and must be a member of an ethic group that is under represented in the College of Engineering. The financial assistance provided by this scholarship is renewable each semester based on the academic achievement of the scholar and the scholar’s progress toward earning an engineering degree.

The Rowan Leadership Scholarship

This scholarship is committed to recognizing and supporting student activities that combine learning with leadership. Leadership scholars receive financial assistance to recognize their contributions and service to the College of Engineering, the University of Georgia and the Athens-area community and their academic achievements. The scholarship is available to continuing students both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The selection criteria for a Leadership Scholar are based on demonstration of strong leadership and service to the college, university and community, and academic merit.

The Rowan Future Teacher Scholarship

This scholarship is committed to developing future collegiate teachers in engineering. The student must be enrolled in a College of Engineering-sponsored MS or PhD program and have an excellent command of written and spoken English. The student must have demonstrated excellence in a teaching pedagogy class, have demonstrated exemplary performance for at least one semester as a teaching assistant or a section teacher of record, and be a teaching assistant or teacher of record while receiving the scholarship. The financial assistance provided by this scholarship is renewable for a second semester based on student’s progress toward degree completion. The scholarship may be prorated if degree requirements are satisfied within the semester. Eligibility to compete in subsequent years for the scholarship remains open.

The deadline for scholarship applications is Feb. 28 each year.

For more information, please email the College of Engineering Honorics Committee.

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