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At the University of Georgia College of Engineering, learning knows no boundaries. Experiential learning gives students first-hand opportunities to connect academic foundations to the world beyond the classroom.

Experiential Programs

As an engineer, applying the knowledge and skills gained from your classes is crucial for success at UGA and beyond. For this reason, the College of Engineering offers a number of experiential programs that allow students in expand their horizons,  elevate their professional development, and gain valuable experience outside the classroom.

Capstone Design

All College of Engineering students complete an in-depth design project prior to graduation. Multi-disciplinary teams of senior students work with industry and community partners on innovative and impactful real-world projects. You’ll develop skills for the workforce including team building, creative problem solving, cooperation and collaboration, and designing a project from the ground up.

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Cooperative Education

The UGA Engineering Cooperative Experiential Learning Program (co-op program) provides a structured means for engineering students to gain valuable and relevant experiential learning through a work experience while growing as a professional in their chosen field.

Co-Op programs differ from internships, part-time and other related work experiences in that they involve multiple semesters (rotations) of work for the same company, and progressive responsibility over assignments and job-related tasks. Subsequent rotations of work allow students to become exposed to multiple teams or departments, contribute to different projects, and gain a deeper understanding of a business or industry. In between co-op work semesters, students return to campus and take a normal load of academic courses, gaining additional skills and knowledge they then bring back to their places of employment.

Learn more about the UGA Cooperative Experiential Learning Program.


You can apply your classroom knowledge, grow as a professional, and stand out in the global workforce by taking advantage of internships. These experiences provide practical, relevant, on-the-job training in industries, manufacturing companies, design/consulting firms, research laboratories, government agencies, and professional organizations.

Academic credit, while not required for students to complete internships, is available for engineering undergraduate students looking to receive course credit for their experience.

ENGR 3930: Internship in Engineering 

About the Program

The Engineering Internship program and course (ENGR 3930) provides students with an opportunity to earn academic credit while completing an internship directly related to their engineering major.  

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible to enroll in the internship program and ENGR 3930, students are required to:

  • Be enrolled in an engineering or computing major (or intended major)
  • Have a confirmed offer of employment for an internship role related to their degree
  • Plan to work at their internship site for a minimum of 8 weeks and 120 total hours+ total working hours
  • Have a 2.5+ Overall GPA
  • Have a minimum of 1 semester or 12 university/college credit hours completed

How to Enroll

Enrollment in the Engineering Internship Program and course (ENGR 3930), requires that a student already have an offer of employment for an internship position at the time of registration. Once you receive an offer, complete the internship course registration process.


Experiences must be submitted in Handshake by the third day of drop/add for the semester in which you are completing your internship. View the UGA Academic Calendar. Credit will not be given retroactively for internships already completed.

Undergraduate Research

If you’re interested in conducting research in industry or pursuing a graduate program, undergraduate research opportunities in the UGA College of Engineering provide you with a solid foundation. You can work with UGA faculty on relevant research projects as early as your first year on campus, regardless of your intended major or GPA.

Explore undergraduate research opportunities at UGA and take a deeper dive into research opportunities in the College of Engineering.

Study Away

UGA offers students more than 100 faculty-led study abroad programs, in addition to hundreds of exchange programs.

The College of Engineering offers several faculty-led and exchange programs. Our students have participated in programs in Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, and many other locations around the globe.

Experiential Learning Requirement

The University of Georgia is committed to the value of experiential learning, and requires that every undergraduate student participate in at least one significant, approved experiential learning activity before graduation. College of Engineering students have many opportunities fulfill this requirement and to engage in experiential learning activities both through  course-based experiential programs, and through select non-credit activities.

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