Roger Hilten Roger Hilten, Ph.D., Lab Director

Dr. Roger Hilten leads the Research and Instructional Team for the College of Engineering (CENGR) at the University of Georgia (UGA). Dr. Hilten received B.S. (Ecology), M.S. (Biological Engineering), and Ph.D. (Bio and Ag Engineering) degrees from UGA in 2001, 2005, and 2012, respectively. His research focused on sustainable technologies including green roofs, biofuel and green chemical production, and chemical process design.

Dr. Hilten became the Instructional Lab Manager for the College of Engineering in 2015 and now oversees design, fabrication, and instructional labs for all CENGR’s degree programs including electrical, computer systems, mechanical, civil, environmental, biological, biochemical, and agricultural engineering.

George HaynieGeorge Haynie, Machine Shop Manager

A native of New Jersey, George has worked in manufacturing since his teens, when he first discovered the fascinating world of machining at a neighbor’s garage shop. Having worked in a variety of shop settings over his career, George has found his most rewarding work takes place in the development of research projects and experimental manufacturing, first at SRI, Inc. in Princeton, New Jersey, and now here, at the University of Georgia. George takes pride in sharing his many years of practical experience in the machinist trade with those who are spearheading innovation in today’s high-tech world, and he is excited to be working with the Engineering students, faculty and staff here at UGA. In his spare time, George enjoys outdoor pursuits such as hiking and cycling, as well as spending time with his wife, three children and numerous family pets, including dogs, goats, and rabbits.

Trevor BowdenTrevor Bowden, Research Fabricator

Trevor is from Boise, ID, but has been a lifelong Dawgs Fan, and finally moved to Athens in 2020. He graduated welding school on the dean’s list, has previous welding experience from welding on ranches back home, and he loves building things and working with his hands. He is currently married and has a 2 daughters named Maisie and Molly. Trevor is our resident in-house Welder Fabricator and helps manage the Fabrication Lab Support Team.

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