Bryce Schuebert, Class of 2020

Bryce Schuebert was a worker in the Fab Lab from 2017 to 2020. He played a pivotal role in implementing many of processes that Lab Support uses today. Recently, he joined Locheed Martin’s Aeronautics department in Atlanta as a Manufacturing Engineer II. His favorite part about his new job is, “the opportunity to work on advanced aircraft and getting to work with some incredible engineering leaders”.

Josephine Volbeding, Class of 2022

Josi was a worker in the Fab Lab from 2019 to 2022. In this time she was hands on with student involvment in the lab and even became student manager of the Fabrication Lab her senior year. She was essentially the project manager of student projects for the lab which is fitting as she holds a new position of Engineering Project Manager at Triad Consulting Solutions here in Athens. Josi has taken the management skills learned at the Fab Lab to her new position post graduation.

Joseph Snavely, Class of 2021

As a student worker from 2018 to 2022, Joe acted as the Fab Lab’s resident electrical guru. He was the lead on many electrical projects in the Fab Lab and operated as co-student manager in his final two years working in the Fabrication Lab. Joe currently works as an Electrical Engineer II for Thermo Fisher Scientric in their Analytical Instruments Group. Joe’s experience has been positive and he has stated, “I really like the hands-on nature of my job. I’m directly debugging / testing equipment, designing test fixtures, programming microcontrollers, etc. I learn something new every day. It’s personally fulfilling to be working on equipment that is being used to help keep people safe and healthy.”

Jamie Ni, Class of 2022

Jamie was a student worker from 2020 to 2022. Jamie played a large part in student outreach. She ran the social media pages of the Fabrication Lab as well as functioned as a lab support member. She enjoyed connected with students and helping them in any way she could. Currently, Jamie works as a Software Developer for Vanguard. Jamie enjoys the amount of flexibility she is given in her role as well as the work-life balance. She says that they follow Scrum for applicaiton development and states that it is a good way to ensure that everybody gets the job done for each of their “sprints”. She also really enjoys her co-workers and the work she does at Vanguard.

Chris Diemer, Class of 2021

Chris worked for the fabrication lab from 2020 to 2021. Chris managed and trained students on a multitude of machines throughout the fabrication lab and the machine shop. Chris loved interacting with students on a daily basis, and approached each day with a positive attitude. He currently works for Lockheed Martin in Boston as a Process Manufacturing Engineer. He enjoys the new atmosphere in Boston, but says he misses Georgia and being a Georgia Bulldog. His favorite part about his current job is all the new people he has met as well as the interesting and intriguing projects that Lockheed Martin has put him on so far.

Hunter Halloron, Class of 2022

Hunter was a member of the fabrication lab team from 2019 to 2021 and acted as an electrical engineering expert as well as a machinist for many student projects. Hunter spent their time in the lab helping students and learning as many machines as they could. Today, Hunter continues to work for the University of Georgia as a Research Engineer. While working at the Stem building located on campus, he is also pursuing his PhD. Hunter loves that he can work as well as continue their education here at the University of Georgia.

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