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Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Connect rigorous academics to real world results.

Commit to bringing theory into powerful practice.

At the University of Georgia College of Engineering, learning knows no boundaries. Experiential learning gives students first-hand opportunities to connect academic foundations to the world beyond the classroom.

Internships + Co-Ops 

You can apply your classroom knowledge, grow as a professional, and stand out in the global workforce by taking advantage of internships and co-ops. These experiences provide practical, relevant, on-the-job training in industries, manufacturing companies, design/consulting firms, research laboratories, government agencies, and professional organizations. Learn about the differences between internships and co-ops here.

Undergraduate Research 

If you’re interested in conducting research in industry or pursuing a graduate program, undergraduate research opportunities in the UGA College of Engineering provide you with a solid foundation. You can work with UGA faculty on relevant research projects as early as your first year on campus, regardless of your intended major or GPA. Explore undergraduate research opportunites at UGA here and take a deeper dive into research opportunities in the College of Engineering here.

Study Abroad 

UGA offers students more than 100 faculty-led study abroad programs, in addition to hundreds of exchange programs. College of Engineering students have participated in programs in Germany, Italy, India, Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, and many other locations around the globe. Students interested in studying abroad can search for available programs here. You will need to meet with your academic advisor to discuss the courses you will want to take abroad. Additionally, you will need to meet with a study abroad advisor to complete the required paperwork. To schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor e-mail

Capstone Senior Design Projects 

All College of Engineering students complete an in-depth design project prior to graduation. Multi-disciplinary teams of senior students work with industry and community partners on innovative and impactful real-world projects. You’ll develop skills for the workforce including team building, creative problem solving, cooperation and collaboration, and designing a project from the ground up. Learn more about Capstone Senior Design here.

Co-Op Profile

"My favorite part of the job has been working on projects that I can then go out and see in the field."

Deemah Alamoudi, a mechanical engineering student, completing her third co-op rotation with Georgia Power this summer.

"I spent my last two rotations with Line Design in Atlanta helping design the transmission lines that span across the state. This rotation, I’ve been placed at the Transmission Maintenance Center in Athens, where I’m assisting with the maintenance of all lines and right-of-ways in the northeast region of Georgia."

Commit. Connect.

To learn more about experiential learning opportunities in the UGA College of Engineering contact:

Lauren Anglin
Director of Experiential Learning and Outreach
Driftmier Engineering Center